Frequently Asked Blog Questions – Dr. Len Breaks Down The Basics

Are You Available For Consultations?

My patient and client list is actually completely full right now which is one of the reasons why I started this blog. This blog is a great outlet for me to help a lot of people even on my limited and busy schedule. I am however never to busy to listen to your questions and feedback so feel free to send me what is on your mind through the contact me page and I will try to point you in the right direction. Who knows I might even make a blog post out of it so we all could learn!

I Think I Am Eating Right and Exercising Correctly and I Still Do Not Feel A 100%?

This may have nothing to do with your routines and everything thing to do with your hormones and other internal functions being out of whack. The first thing to do is look up a doctor in your area for identifying internal imblances such as an adrenal or hormone specialists. Once you find the right doctor to evaluate you make sure to get all the appropriate tests done while doing as much research as possible. Things like lack of sleep or stress may also be throwing you off so it is truly best to cover every avenue of improvement before panic sets in. Getting the body into harmony requires sooperation between a lot of factors so do not give trying to figure what works best for you even if at times the short term results may seem frustrating.