Hi, My name Dr. Alex Len and I am a happily married, hard working, father of three, Allan, Alex Jr. and Alexis living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work in health improvement with a focus on re-setting and realigning the body to a more natural state in order to treat the roots of problems rather then just the symptoms. I believe that while the body is a complex mechanism there are simple steps that we all can take to not only improve our overall health but actions that prevent future issues or eliminate current ailments . I am about roots and results rather then symptoms and short fixes. Things like eating better, exercising more and improving sleep patterns can go a long way to making the necessary health changes our body requires to get back on the correct path to wellness. After my wife's cancer scare I rededicated myself to learning about what really impacts the bodies functions. Fortunately my wife is now cancer free but for us the journey has not stopped. Everyday I spend my time and energy learning new methods, strategies and angles to a more wholistic appraoch to taking care of the body which is why I wanted to create this blog and share all this great new knowledge with you. So feel free to look around and learn something new about the body. Your well being will thank you!

Treat The Cause, Not the Symptom

Dr. Alex Len