Why Is Canola Oil OK To Use? – A Video By Dr. Alan Christianson


I feel one of the most vital aspects of treating the causes of harm to our body is focusing on what we eat and what we expose our bodies to food and drink wise. Our bodies of course need fuel and it is this nutrition and supplementing that will guide its course to function and feeling. What we consume often directly causes our systems to react in certain ways and it is only until we get down to the root of the issues can we begin to heal the symptoms that have arisen due to our dieting choices. Even the most basic foods can not only cause confusion but can also be helpful or harmful depending on how they are used and incorporated into everyday life. One such food is Canola Oil. There are a lot of food myths in the world and there is always much discussion among health practitioners as to the value of the various oils available on the cooking market. I found this video on Canola Oil to be a great example on just how much of an impact foods can have on not only how we live but how our bodies react to the various environmental elements we are exposed to on a daily basis. Lets take a look at some of the fiction and facts about Canola and judge for ourselves its potential health harm or value.

Argument Against Canola Oil: The Oil is From a Toxic Plant and Has Toic Compounds

While this is true the video goes on to explain that the traces of toxicity are so small that they actually improve health function by encouraging our bodies detoxifying processes to expand and improve. It is also noted in the video that Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, broccoli sprouts, kale and Calliflower all have the same toxic compound as Canola Oil but in both cases the small doses are actually more helpful then harmful. I was excited to finally find a video that debunked this argument made by many out dated health experts.

Health Tips We Can Learn From Evaluating Canola Oil:

-Not all calories should come from an oil of any one type.

-Choose oils that are less refined and that use colder temperatures in the pressing process.

-When cooking with oils you do want oils that do not smoke or burn as easily

Its amazing how much you can learn just by looking at the pure facts on some of the most basics. At times what is deemed as healthy is actually not and vice versa. Canola Oil is a great example of a food that may not be as bad as we think. Remember it is always key to treat the cause of any problem and watching what we put into our bodies is one great way to begin not on the process of healing but renewed health!